surgery alert for Richard Rhodes Police and Crime Commissioner - Next Thursday 21st August

Police & Crime Commissioner Surgery, Carlisle

Meet “Your Voice” in Local Policing Here’s your chance to have your concerns about law and order in the Debatable Lands heard!  So if you’ve got praise for your local copper, concerns about an injustice or simply need to alert the authorities to something, this is a great opportunity to be heard by the man who […]

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stanwix big tidy up leads on to stanwix in bloom

Bloom Bloom: Stanwix In Bloom 2014

It’s that time of year again folks. Blooming Stanwix will be getting eyeballed by the JUDGES! They’ll be looking for Gold. For the last little while, Paul Nedved your ever active councillor has been drafting in local Scouts, Brownies,  “Friends” of a certain nearby park and any stray gardeners that have wandered by, to prettify […]

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Carlisle Volunteers at Stanwix

Well – we’ve just finished clearing away tables and resetting the community centre for this afternoon’s French class after a successful morning of pulling in several voluntary organisations from Carlisle and district to network, share ideas and  possibly make new connections.  Many thanks to Mark Costello of Cumbria CVS who actually helped Paul Nedved, our […]

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shakespeare course stanwix community centre

Shakespeare: The Bard in Stanwix

The Bard is Back in Town! Here’s a cracker of an opportunity for all fans of the country’s most famous wordsmith: Bill Wobblestick aka Mr Shakespeare is to be read, enjoyed, debated and dissected at Stanwix Community Centre over the next few weeks.  It’s the offering from John Davies for all you secret fans of […]

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stanwix community centre in north carlisle with new paint look

Community Centre for the 21st Century?

Well that might be overstating it a wee bit.  We have however taken a little step forward.  Our broadband line was installed last week and today I’ve finally got round to testing it.  And it works just lovely!  The idea behind this is to make the community centre even, more versatile and useful for the […]

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