stanwix big tidy up leads on to stanwix in bloom

Bloom Bloom: Stanwix In Bloom 2014

stanwix big tidy up leads on to stanwix in bloom

Stanwix Big Tidy Up benefitted the school’s new nature garden

It’s that time of year again folks. Blooming Stanwix will be getting eyeballed by the JUDGES! They’ll be looking for Gold.

For the last little while, Paul Nedved your ever active councillor has been drafting in local Scouts, Brownies,  “Friends” of a certain nearby park and any stray gardeners that have wandered by, to prettify the local area.  For this year’s event, the day of judgement kicks off at the Sands Centre on 9th of July at 10am.  This is following the theme of the 50th anniversary of the Royal Horticultural Society.  They are going for Gold!  They are also trying to encourage butterflies and other pollinators – with our native bees being in particular need of some help here.

At Eden Bridge Gardens, a commemorative bench will be placed. Involvement this year is looking really promising.  Barn Close Residential Home, Carrs Milling, the Cumbria Park Hotel,, the Crown and Thistle and several of Stanwix’s shops are all on board.  You will have noticed no doubt that there has been a major outbreak of flowering baskets appearing up and down the length of Stanwix.  So keep your eyes open for the floral extras

Paul has said to make a special mention of the support that SiB has received from our local businesses.  Carrs Milling chipped in £100 in prizes to support the Best Residential Gardens Category within Stanwix urban ward.

The Clydesdale bank have also put up £100 to help run the Best Retail / Office / Business Category in Stanwix Urban Ward.

Final judgement will be delivered at the Cumbria Park hotel at 12:30.  This will be brightened up by students from University of Cumbria.  They will be contributing visual displays and their plans for the Greener Mind Project that will launch in September.

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Having lived in Stanwix for several years and having found myself with time on my hands, I decided to lend a hand to the SCA way back in 2008. The first project was the website and a stint as a committee bod. However techie stuff meant we had to lay Stanwix info to rest. I just keep it as a testing platform now. Once the refurbishment of the community centre was complete, we realised that we need ed to make sure we could market the centre reasonably effectively. To that end I offered to use the resources of Consulting Cumbria Ltd to do a little community service. Without going over the top, we have managed to keep the website fairly prominent and integrated a simple online payment and booking system to help us bring in users . If you would like similar help with your business' website just contact us on: 01228 907 795 or find us on the website at Consulting Cumbria Ltd.
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