SCA Offer a Cheap Venue for Hire in Carlisle

There’s a party in the offing… you’ve got to deliver a short training to 20 professionals… the wedding reception room has just been burnt down and you need a venue in Carlisle quick and if possible cheap!   Well we might just have the answer for you!  Stanwix Community Centre fits the bill very nicely for hiring a cheap venue in Carlisle, even at short notice!

 You Say Cheap Venue: But is it Good Value?

stanwix community centre empty room

Great for functions, in Stanwix.

Our prices might be cheap, but our venue isn’t.  After a mammoth effort: fund raising and refurbishing; we now have a lovely airy venue right in the heart of Stanwix in the north of Carlisle.  Our single room community centre has a large 7m X 9m floor area that is provided with seating and tables for 20+; as well as side bench seating for another 10.

If your needs are for a physical training venue for yoga for instance; the tables and chairs can be stowed out of the way in the custom built storage seats along the side of the room, leaving plenty of room to swing arms, legs and bodies.



The new kitchen

New kitchen facilities.

The refurbishments also included the kitchen area which is now fully fitted with facilities for managing the catering for a group of up to 30.  Food and drinks can be passed out via the serving hatch to the main room.  Crockery and utensils are provided, though sadly we don’t provide the bottle washer to clean up for you afterwards.  We can arrange for these services if requested.


As the title suggests our rates for venue hire offer excellent value for money, and our newly done out room has become an excellent place for all kinds of smaller events, classes, functions and meetings.  Availability is based on community first and everything else second.


The home of Stanwix Allsorts

Host to a growing range of community groups.

During term time the community centre was the venue for Stanwix Allsorts; our after school care club and one of the primary reasons for the existence of the centre.  The school based service still uses the community centre on an occasional basis, which means availability of the the room is virtually guaranteed from 7am to 3pm for shorter day bookings and from 6pm till 11pm for evening sessions; and much of the time it is also free right the way through the day.  The school is also flexible if you really NEED to use the centre on a day that they would normally be booked in.  Always worth asking.


When the school holidays arrive, the venue is available from 7am right through to 11pm for anybody whose use of the centre promotes, business or community values and is of benefit to the people of Stanwix or the wider area of Carlisle or Cumbria.

How Do We Book The Community Centre?

To arrange a booking please consult our booking manager.

If we can’t provide you with the facilities you need then please feel free to visit our nearby community centres that also have excellent venues and facilities for a wide range of events and functions.