Laughter Yoga is coming to Carlisle's Stanwix community Centre

Do You Aspire to… Laughter?

laughter yoga at Stanwix Community Centre in Carlisle

Laughter Yoga is coming to Carlisle

Everyone loves a good laugh! Whether it’s the sneaky chuckle at another LOLCat sweeping down on your faceache feed; or the gut busting belly acher! Like the day my brother David suddenly realised why people were stifling fits of giggles!  He’d been drinking a Christmas pint for the previous 20 minutes with our Dad’s false teeth sneaked into his beer when he’s gone to the loo! His face, when he spotted the pink and white plate sloshing around in the bottom of his glass, had 20 family members of all ages absolutely rolling on the floor and almost wetting themselves!

We can’t promise rolling on the floor merriment but Carlisle Laughter Yoga & Happiness Club with Laughter Aspirations, is coming to Stanwix Community Centre!

Laughing Days!

Thursday 3rd September 2015 – Laughter Yoga – 11am to 12 noon

Thursday 1st October 2015 to celebrate “Give a Day to the City” – Laughter Yoga – 11am to 12 noon

Thursday 5th November 2015 – The Happiness Workshop – 11am to 12 noon

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions
Dalai Lama

Laughter Yoga in Session with Laughter Aspirations' Keith Adams. Sessions coming to Stanwix Carlisle soon.

Laughter Yoga in Session with Laughter Aspirations’ Keith Adams

Laughter Yoga, a genuinely rowdy version of the calming activity, was an idea by cardiologist Dr Madan Kataria around 1995.  Since then it’s been accepted worldwide and has even made it onto the stage of a TEDX Talk. Laughter is initiated as an exercise in groups. It simply sets you off laughing with good humour but no jokes or comedy.  It is not offensive and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Here’s Hugh McLelland, American TV producer and Laughter Yoga Leader, giving the TedX Laughter Yoga Talk.

About Ray Cassidy

Having lived in Stanwix for several years and having found myself with time on my hands, I decided to lend a hand to the SCA way back in 2008. The first project was the website and a stint as a committee bod. However techie stuff meant we had to lay Stanwix info to rest. I just keep it as a testing platform now. Once the refurbishment of the community centre was complete, we realised that we need ed to make sure we could market the centre reasonably effectively. To that end I offered to use the resources of Consulting Cumbria Ltd to do a little community service. Without going over the top, we have managed to keep the website fairly prominent and integrated a simple online payment and booking system to help us bring in users . If you would like similar help with your business' website just contact us on: 01228 907 795 or find us on the website at Consulting Cumbria Ltd.
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