RNLI Appeal for volunteers in Carlisle to help run the local brancjh of the organisation.

RNLI Looking For Volunteers in Carlisle

Volunteers Needed

RNLI Logo - Volunteers needed in CarlisleLynne Drewett,  Volunteer Administrator of the RNLI contacted us at the Stanwix Community Association recently and asked if we could publicise their search for volunteers to support the organisation in Cumbria. Naturally enough we were happy to help as this is one community benefitting organisation we can all applaud.  We’re probably all familiar with the lifeboat stationed at Silloth which is usually out on display but we probably have very little appreciation of just how difficult it is to keep these voluntarily run vessels afloat. The boats themselves are pretty high tech and therefore very expensive. They tend to be put out to sea in the least favourable and roughest conditions so they have to be built tough. The crews all need regular training to keep up with changes in procedure as the service learns from its monthly dose of tough missions, near misses and occasional tragedies.

RNLI Appeal for volunteers in Carlisle to help run the local brancjh of the organisation.

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So there’s lots of talent in this area – maybe someone from the Carlisle Ambassadors could take this on? Lots of Carlisle people are into their boating fishing and sailing on the waters of the Solway Firth and Irish Sea!

All offers of help gratefully received.


If you could even help spread the word to people you know who might be willing to volunteer, please download the full size pdf version of the poster and spread it round your circles of friends.


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Having lived in Stanwix for several years and having found myself with time on my hands, I decided to lend a hand to the SCA way back in 2008. The first project was the Stanwix.info website and a stint as a committee bod. However techie stuff meant we had to lay Stanwix info to rest. I just keep it as a testing platform now. Once the refurbishment of the community centre was complete, we realised that we need ed to make sure we could market the centre reasonably effectively. To that end I offered to use the resources of Consulting Cumbria Ltd to do a little community service. Without going over the top, we have managed to keep the website fairly prominent and integrated a simple online payment and booking system to help us bring in users . If you would like similar help with your business' website just contact us on: 01228 907 795 or find us on the website at Consulting Cumbria Ltd.
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