Stanwix Community Association

Stanwix community association RunStanwix Community Association is a voluntary body comprising the willing from within Stanwix itself; representatives from Stanwix Playgroup; community support officers from Cumbria County Council and our two local councillors.  This surprisingly small group has been active since 1996(?) when the redundant classrooms on Church Street were offered for community use; on condition that a suitable local body could be created to manage them.

The association meets more or less monthly and sometimes more frequently when circumstances demand.  As we are a voluntary body, it is vital to attract new blood into our ranks to help maintain energy and momentum.  If you have any skills or enthusiasm to offer, no matter how modest you think those skills may be, you will be very welcome to join us in keeping the community association, the centre, the early years building and the Glebe Land playing field operating and benefitting our neighbours within Stanwix and nearby areas of Carlisle.

stanwix community centre and playgroup hutIn recent years the Stanwix Community Association has been successful in bringing a new early years building  to the site: thanks to massive support from our partners in the Stanwix Playgroup and Stanwix Allsorts club.  The process was long, difficult and frequently fraught; but SCA refused to give up and the new building went into operation in Summer 2011.

An unsuccessful attempt was made to raise sufficient funds to rebuild the community hut at the same time as the early years building.  Despite not managing to bring in sufficient funding for this second ambitious project, it became possible to refurbish the hut instead.  Towards the Autumn of 2011, this programme of improvement was completed and we are now the proud occupants and managers of a lovely little room to hold meetings and activities in, for smaller groups of up to 20 to 30 (?) people.

One of the huge difficulties of operating these facilities, was the loss of income during the rebuilding and refurbishment programme and the damage done to our facilities in the first harsh winter back in 2009 – 2010.  Income dropped enormously and we incurred big costs for repairs to frost and flood damage.  On top of that the conditions of the lease were such that SCA had to charge quite high rents to our only 2 users in order to remain viable.   This was a cause of high stress for everyone, but thanks to patient negotiations and the prevalence of common sense, the lease terms were finally made more bearable in March 2012.  Stanwix residents can now look forward to a viable and secure future for the Stanwix Community Association and a more stable environment for the Stanwix Playgroup and Allsorts Club to thrive.  You also have an excellent little venue right at the centre of the “village” for family and local events.  Please use the facilities developed by the Stananwix Community Association, for your benefit: make the hard work worthwhile.

The SCA are always on the lookout for volunteers to help keep the cogs turning!  As we start to actively promote the facilities of the centre, this need will be more acute.  So don’t be shy – we are very friendly and have never been known to bite!  Join in and get the community back into Stanwix Community Association!
Stanwix Community Association
Stanwix Community Association is a charitable community organisation (Registered charity number: 1132094) responsible for the smallest community centre in Carlisle. The organisation also manages the Glebeland playing field which is an area of open ground about 300m west of the site of the buildings..
Stanwix Community Buildings, Church Street, Stanwix
Carlisle, Cumbria
Phone: 01228 513 026

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