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Stanwix Community Centre Open for Business

Well we are up and running and looking for people to make use of the newly refurbished facility in the middle of Stanwix.  Stanwix Community Centre Carlisle, has just launched their new facility and this website to go with it.  It’s been a long drawn out battle to get the 2 buildings on the site finished and set up under a  decent financial arrangement with the councils in the county and the city, but despite arcane legal wranglings and funding challenges we’re finally there.

Your little group of community minded people from Stanwix (and further afield) are really pleased to start trumpeting the good news.   It was way back in May last year (2011) when we were able to get the Stanwix Playgroup moved back into their brand spanking new building which is at last fit for purpose… unlike the old dilapidated hut it replaces.

Despite that community success, challenges remained right up until last month when we finally got the legal agreements nailed down and the lease signed so that in the near future, we should be able to offer a slightly more comfortable rent to the Playgroup to ensure they remain viable.  Mums and Dads: are you aware that all the staff at Playgroup took big pay cuts  over a year ago to ensure that they could keep care for Stanwix pre-schoolers in Stanwix and close to the school most of them will attend at the age of 5?

While all the building work was going on, there was a pretty uncomfortable period through the winter of 2010 – 2011 when the Playgroup’s temporary home in the community centre was ruined by burst pipes and resulting leaks.  It very nearly finished all of us off!

stanwix community centre room frontOnce playgroup’s move was complete it was time to go to work on the community centre itself.  Under Jayne’s “designer eye” a refurbishment was carried out and we have now got a great place for the Stanwix Allsorts After School Club.  It’s light bright and airy and is a great venue now for social events, business meetings short courses, adult education and council surgeries with your local councillors.

With our refitted kitchen and flexible seating and tables, please do give us a try.  Stanwix Community Centre is a superb venue that is simple to use and right on your doorstep.


About Ray Cassidy

Having lived in Stanwix for several years and having found myself with time on my hands, I decided to lend a hand to the SCA way back in 2008. The first project was the website and a stint as a committee bod. However techie stuff meant we had to lay Stanwix info to rest. I just keep it as a testing platform now. Once the refurbishment of the community centre was complete, we realised that we need ed to make sure we could market the centre reasonably effectively. To that end I offered to use the resources of Consulting Cumbria Ltd to do a little community service. Without going over the top, we have managed to keep the website fairly prominent and integrated a simple online payment and booking system to help us bring in users . If you would like similar help with your business' website just contact us on: 01228 907 795 or find us on the website at Consulting Cumbria Ltd.
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