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Stanwix Great Tidy Up

Here is a report from journalism student Rosina Kermani of the University of Cumbria who was shadowing Jacquie Geddes for the week when Paul Nedved’s latest round of Keeping Stanix Tidy took place back in the mean streets and back alleys of the village in the north of Carlisle. This was way back on the week of the 3rd to 10th of March. Rosa has given her perspective of the final day when volunteers from the area, Stanwix Scouts (13th Carlisle) and a motley crew of litter pickers cleaned up the streets once and for all… oh yeah!

stanwix great tidy up councillor jacqui geddes and rubbish

Councillor Jacqeline Geddes wondering what to do with all the

STANWIX Big Tidy brings together members of the community to take part in a litter-pick arranged by the principle organiser, Councillor Paul Nedved, as well as Councillor Geddes and Councillor Mallinson.

Saturday 10th March, 2012 sees a sunny success as Stanwix Community Centre acts as the meeting point for volunteers and community groups.

An astonishing amount of rubbish, including a broken tennis racket, was collected between the 3 groups that went to places such as Rickerby Park and the Cricket ground.

Councillor Elizabeth Mallinson said, “This is a great event which brings together both the youth and retired members of the community. They all have the same objective to tidy up the community they live in”.

Children at Stanwix School have actively been involved in Big Tidy Week with several activities including a poster entry competition. The prize giving ceremony will take place soon and the Mayor and Mayoress of Carlisle will attend.

Scout Leader, Kenneth Boom, of the 13th Carlisle Scouts Group at Trinity School said, “Seeing so many scouts take part in the tidy up shows that the pride in their own community is something close to their hearts”.

Ray Cassidy, acting Chairman of Stanwix Community Association, said, “I’m really pleased to see scouts and half a dozen families come out today. The children are very enthusiastic to help”.

Cath Rowlandson, Secretary of Friends of Rickerby Park, said, “We work with the Council to improve access to the park and we want people to appreciate and maintain its beauty, so today has been great”.

For any further information about the Big Tidy event or any of the other events involved, please contact Councillor Nedved on or the Carlisle City Council on .


stanwix great tidy up st michaels church

Stanwix great tidy up in St Michaels Churchyard with 3 generations


stanwix big tidy up school nature garden

Stanwix Big Tidy Up benefitted the school's new nature garden

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