Thankyou For Your Donation

Many thanks for your donation to the Stanwix Community Centre – the Littlest Community Centre in Carlisle.

Stanwix Community Association have worked hard for a few years now to make sure that people in and around Stanwix can find a local venue in our facilities.

Our payment system is new and is only just starting to be tested.  We welcome feedback to help us improve our system.

If you made a donation because you used our facilities and you liked them then it would be fantastically helpful if you were also kind enough to put the word out, or make a recommendation, to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere in the cyber-verse: please do! In fact you can find us on Facebook and Twitter if you ever use those platforms.

Look out for a confirmation email with the details of your dates, times and any other details that needed confirmation.

The Booking Manager, (aka Pam)

Stanwix Community Association.