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As members of the Stanwix Community Association, we are keen to see the community centre become a busy feature of the community.  To make that a reality, we need to get some communication going.

To contact the committee members with a little(?!) bit of responsibility here are the details you might require.  We do not publish personal email addresses because of the prevalence of robotic spamalots!  If you prefer email then please use the contact form below.

Chairman– Mr Paul Nedved Who is also Stanwix rural councillor 07847 502 163

Bookings– Mrs Pam McCall Who does such a lot along with husband Martin 01228 599 514

Treasurer– Mr Bob Steele Who does such an enormous amount of work on the finances and legalities 01228 527 554

Webmaster– Mr Ray Cassidy Who does a little bit to drag Stanwix into the 21st Century 01228 318 068

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