Glebeland Playing Field

As of 2017 the Glebeland playing field is no longer managed by Stanwix Community Association as it was not possible to agree new terms on the lease with the landlords, the Diocese of Carlisle. Any enquiries should be directed to Carlisle Diocese Property: 01768 807762 (Neal Andrews/Helen Harker)
Stanwix Glebeland football game during Stanwix FC gala

Stanwix Glebeland Football Game During Stanwix FC gala

The Glebe Land playing field is another community facility managed by the Stanwix Community Association.  After years of occupation by a solitary donkey 😉 the grassy area at the end of Church Street was obtained on a lease by the SCA to accommodate children from Stanwix School for their outdoor games lessons and for local football teams and other Stanwix based community groups, who needed a grassy area to operate from.

Stanwix Glebeland event venueGlebeland Playing Field Facilities

The facilities are basic.  It is just a simple half sized football pitch; suitable for 5 a side or junior sized football matches.  Its greatest benefit is that it is pretty safe and secure for events involving children, as it is surrounded on all sides by high hedges or fences; with just a single gated entrance.  There are currently no toilets or changing facilities on site.

If your group needs to find a small sized playing field in the Stanwix or Carlisle area to use; then check with Carlisle Diocese.