Pampered Chef Educates Eileen and Stanwix Buffoon in Little Carlisle Meeting Room

Pampered Chef Tammy Goodman stanwix venue

Stanwix Community Association hosted their Easter Eggstravaganza on Thursday the 14th of March in the meeting room that is the community centre.  We were pleased to welcome Abi-Mae Jewellery in the person of “Don’t mess with me” Eileen Mitchell, Tammy Goodman as our Pampered Chef of the evening; Jenny Derczynski of Simply Therapies and Ann Elliott of Usborne Books.

stanwix carlisle meeting room paul nedved publicising
Paul Nedved organised and publicised the Easter Eggstravaganza event in the stanwix Carlisle meeting room we look after.

It has to be said that the crowds were a bit thin on the ground, so for Tammy who had trekked all the way up from Preston, to teach Stanwix how to cook something above and beyond my usual “stir fried anything”; it was a bit of a disappointment.  Obviously the community had a busy night!  Never mind though!  For the faithful few who showed up we managed to have quite a bit of a giggle.

The main event was a kind of “No Celebrity Cook Off”.  I don’t watch much telly, so excuse the dodgy description of some people’s favourite programme.  I was put in the green apron to produce a pastry roll in the course of the evening.  Eileen of Abi Mae fame donned the Red Apron and tried to behave in an appropriately mature and sensible manner.  I on the other hand was in “Chef Saboteur” mode.  Tammy did her best to keep a straight face as I harvested spilled spinach leaves from… (better left untold!) and attempted to cope with the unaccustomed sophistication of the Pampered Chef tools that were on hand.

After 5 minutes though, it was 1-0 to the buffoon.  Eileen had managed to add half a finger end to her mixing bowl as she adjusted a vicious looking slicer from the arsenal.  The buffoonery obviously masked a hidden talent I never knew I had. Eventually though,  even I had to give in to the directions of Tammy as she drummed the hygiene bottom line of “… other people have to eat this Ray!”

Joking apart, there were some pretty nifty tools on demonstration this evening.  A knife that refused to cut human flesh, but would give Pigs and Horses the heeby jeebies.  And a non electric food chopper that was (to me) surprisingly effective.

Once the pastry rolls were in the oven we were able to let the visitors get to grips with cups of tea; Anne’s collection of Usborne books; Jenny’s therapy stall and massages and the collection of jewellery from Abi Mae.  The lack of bodies may have been disappointing, but the few who turned out had a giggle and even bought a few Easter bits and bobs.  The community centre in Stanwix is a great little venue to use as a meeting room or training facility, and we hope to have broadband installed before very long.  To make life easier and more effective for teacher’s of the varied groups that now meet here, we are discussing the provision of a projector and interactive board or similar technology.

What would users prefer in terms of technology to make their use of the centre more productive?

Photos of the evening:

Abi Mae Jewellery stanwix eggstravaganza

Anne Elliot usborne meeting room stanwix carlisle

 cooking demo stanwix carlisle

Eating the Stanwix Community Centre

snaffle munch!

Pampered Chef Tammy Goodman stanwix venue

pampered chef tools action stanwix community centre

Simply therapies stanwix community business

stanwix community people at the meeting room event


Paul Nedved summed things up quite nicely in his thankyou email to everyone involved.

Hi All,

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening last night and many thanks to Pam for all the hardwork and organisation that went into it . Great stands. and demonstrations and equally thanks Ray and Jenny for entering into the spirit of it so fully. Great  shame a few more people didn’t turn up -their loss, as it was an entertaining and enjoyable night !!

Sorry I had to leave early however had to get to the station. Hope the remainder of the night went well and  you managed to get finished a decent time .

Maybe a weekend daytime activity/event is a possibility for our next event  maybe in June  is a possibility. Had discussions with the RSPB who were in the City Centre yesterday and they might be

interested in doing a talk/slideshow. I know FRP would be interested  in this.

Best Wishes,



Cllr Paul Nedved,

Stanwix Urban Ward.

Mobile No: 07847 502163

Many thanks to Pam for yet more of the donkey work that goes into keeping the place running and to everyone who made the effort to turn out and support Carlisle’s littlest community centre with it’s excellent little meeting room.



Contribute a Little Bit to Help Maintain the Community Centre

The Community Centre in Stanwix has been transformed inside and out. Our users are commenting on what a lovely functional community hall we have for this part of Carlisle. As we work to make the centre available for communal activities, we also need to allow for wear and tear. So any amount that you can chip in via good ol’ Paypal (or any other means) would be much appreciated.

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