A Private Room for Hire in Stanwix, Carlisle

Need to Hire a Private Room in Carlisle?

Stanwix Community Centre Solves Your Problem

If you are looking for a private room for hire, somewhere around Carlisle; let Stanwix Community Centre sort that little problem out for you.  Whether you just need a venue for a family celebration that is easy to manage so that you can keep the event private; or whether you need a room where privacy can easily be managed for an important meeting, our small community room could be just what you need on the north side of Carlisle.  There is only one door plus a fire escape to manage and no neighbouring halls (with other users to wander in) to interrupt proceedings.

As we share the same site with the Stanwix Playgroup, there will be small children at play outside during the daytime in the school term.  Previous users have never found this to be a problem and with our newly double glazed windows, there is even less potential for disturbance.

As a very simple building with just a single room, toilets and a small kitchen facility, it is very easy to keep your meeting, celebration or class private.  Our rates are also very reasonable so you can be assured of good value for money if you use our facilities for your event.

Facilities In Our Private Hire Room:

  • The main meeting room is approximately 7m X 9m and we have tables and chairs available for around 25 people.
  • If not required, the tables and chairs can be put out of sight in fitted cupboards along the side walls.
  • Cushion covered seating disguises the built in storage and adds a stylish touch of comfort.
  • The two toilet cubicles and the cloakrooms are by the entrance.
  • A kitchen area is just off the cloakroom, allowing snacks and drinks to be prepared for most types of events.

 Availability For Private Hire

Even during the schools term, the room can usually be booked all day, the room is available between 7am and 11pm for your own private functions.   This makes for a very flexible venue where times can be tailored exactly to your audience’s preferences.

During school holidays and weekends, the room is usually available from 7am until 11pm as well.

To arrange a booking consult our booking manager.

If the facilities at Stanwix are not suitable for your needs, then please do visit our friends at the other community centres around the city, there are plenty of private rooms for hire in Carlisle.