Stanwix Community Association AGM 2020

(Private Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee)

Notice of 2020 AGM

Wednesday 4th November 2020 at 7.30pm

via Zoom

As Covid 19 Restrictions Mean An In Person Meeting is Not Viable

Community Centre Buildings,
Church Street,
CA3 9DJ.

All members and interested parties welcome. To Attend the Zoom Meeting please email bookingmanager@stanwixcommunitycentre.org.uk for your invitation link to the meeting.

Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of Stanwix Community Association (a private charitable company limited by guarantee) will be held by Zoom conferencing system for our littlest community centre in Carlisle which is based at: Community Centre Building, Church Street, Stanwix, Carlisle, CA3 9DJ on 04 November 2020 at 7.30pm to consider, and if thought fit, pass Resolutions 1 to 8 inclusive as ordinary resolutions.

Report and Accounts 2020
1. THAT the Company’s financial statements, together with the Directors’ and Independent Reviewer’s for the year ended 31 March 2020 be received.

Appointment and Re-election of Directors

By order of the Board

R J Steele
Company Secretary

10 October 2020.
Registered office: Registered in England
Community Centre Buildings Registered Number:
Church Street 07023894

2020 AGM Agenda

 1.      Receive Report and Accounts 2020

2.      Appoint and/or re-elect directors of the company

3.      Re-appoint Independent Reviewer and authorise the directors to determine his remuneration.

About Ray Cassidy

Having lived in Stanwix for several years and having found myself with time on my hands, I decided to lend a hand to the SCA way back in 2008. The first project was the Stanwix.info website and a stint as a committee bod. However techie stuff meant we had to lay Stanwix info to rest. I just keep it as a testing platform now. Once the refurbishment of the community centre was complete, we realised that we need ed to make sure we could market the centre reasonably effectively. To that end I offered to use the resources of Consulting Cumbria Ltd to do a little community service. Without going over the top, we have managed to keep the website fairly prominent and integrated a simple online payment and booking system to help us bring in users . If you would like similar help with your business' website just contact us on: 01228 907 795 or find us on the website at Consulting Cumbria Ltd.
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