Stanwix Community Centre Carlisle

stanwix community centre carlisle

Stanwix Community Centre is located at the heart of the old village of Stanwix where it is part of the old style community hub that includes Stanwix Playgroup, Stanwix School, St. Michael’s Church, the newsagent’s shop, The Crown Inn and part of the University.  Our brand new education building is home to Stanwix Playgroup, who use the newly built facility on the Church Street site.   Despite our modest buildings, Stanwix community centre is probably the most “heart of the community” of any community centre in the whole city of Carlisle.

Our facilitires are managed by Stanwix Community Association (SCA), an entirely voluntary organisation who have battled with many entertaining (?) difficulties over the last 5 years to conjure up the current refreshed and modernised buildings.  The primary purpose of the SCA is to look after the well being of the Stanwix Community in the northern bit of Carlisle, by managing the Church Street buildings and the Glebe Land playing field for the benefit of all our residents.

The newly built early years hut is almost exclusively for the use of the youngsters who attend the Stanwix Playgroup.  The SCA occasionally use the facilities if we are holding a larger open day or fete.  Our local concillors are active in bringing community activities such as “Stanwix in Bloom” here to Stanwix Community Centre, for easy access for local residents which really makes us the “venue at the heart of of the village”.

The recently refurbished Community Centre building is available for use primarily by people from within the Stanwix area of Carlisle.  The facility is available from approximately 7am to 11pm.

Although we offer this facility primarily to the residents, families and businesses of Stanwix, we welcome enquiries and bookings from individuals, groups and businesses within the whole of the Carlisle area.  If you are from somewhere outside the immediate surroundings of the city of Carlisle: then if the room suits your needs and your activities are of benefit to the community at large in some way, you too will be welcomed if the centre is available.

The Glebe Land playing fields which are leased and administered by the Stanwix Community Centre’s friends in the SCA, are also available on the same basis.  This small area of green land, close to the Scotland Road end of Church Street, is a small playing field with a single football pitch.  It is most often used by classes from Stanwix School who have outdoor games sessions there, during term time and outside of school hours; our local football team Stanwix FC  use it as a training and match pitch for several of their teams.

Please do take a look and support the up to date facilities that have been developed after many difficult years of hard work by a little group of community minded activists who never gave up!

 Stanwix Community Centre Facilities.

Stanwix Community Centre is housed in what used to be a temporary classroom that was part of Stanwix School.  When the school successfully redeveloped its buildings, the old hut was made available as a community resource and passed into the care of the Stanwix Community Association: to be used for the benefit of residents in the area.  We were unable to get it rebuilt at the same time as the early years building on the same site, but with a lot of hard work SCA were able to refurbish the building , to create a delightful airy room, where it is a pleasure to meet and engage in all sorts of activities.


stanwix community centre empty room

When emptied of chairs and tables the main room is great for functions, yoga and other activities in the middle of Stanwix.

The Community centre itself consists of a main room which is light and airy and measures approximately 7m X 9m.  The main room has cupboards down both window walls with cushioned seating on top.  Tables and chairs for between 20 and 30 people are available and when not needed, they store unobtrusively in the cupboards.




stanwix community centre entrance hall and toiletsAt the entrance from the street, there is a cloakroom area and 2 toilets with a small refitted kitchen area to the side.  Access to the main room is through a child safe “stable” gate.





stanwix community centre kitchenThe kitchen has all the facilities needed for storing or heating food and drinks and is suitable for anything… short of cooking your Sunday roast!  There is a serving hatch which makes dispensing of those drinks and food simple for any events.  Whether you just need to serve a few drinks and sandwiches or you need to heat through some savoury snacks for a family celebration or a business meeting, the kitchen should meet your needs admirably.  Mugs, cups and other crockery are all on hand.  Additionally there is a large kettle, a toaster and a microwave.  A standard sized domestic fridge has been installed.



Bookings can be made throught the booking manager.

If you like your room booking experience to be simple and hassle free when you are searching for  a community centre in Carlisle, on the webby wotsits, take a look at the Stanwix Community Centre for your next event!